You have a pterygium…now what?



A pterygium is a growth of fibro-vascular tissue that develops on the conjunctiva, or white of the eye, and extends into the cornea, which is the clear covering over the colored part of the eye.  This type of tissue growth causes symptoms similar to dry eye, such as burning, redness, or a foreign body sensation.

Image of cornea

Over-the-counter lubricating eye drops or a short course of steroid eye drops commonly treat and manage these symptoms. However, if the tissue grows into a patient’s line of sight, surgical methods are needed to preserve vision.

Exposure to UV light causes many occurrences of pterygium, so wearing proper sun protection is key to preventing this tissue growth. Be sure to ask your eye care professional about polarized sunglasses, which block damaging UV rays. Foreign bodies also cause tissue growth, because the objects continuously rub across the surface of the eye. Make sure that you wear the proper safety glasses when exposure to foreign bodies is a risk.

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