Will Evelyn keep her baby blues?

By Dr. Allyson Kowaleski

Keeping Those Baby Blues

The color of a baby’s eyes is determined by how much melanin is created by their melanocytes. Melanocytes located within the baby’s iris begin to secrete melanin in response to light exposure once the baby is born. This is why most Caucasian babies are born with blue eyes. Over time, if very little melanin is secreted, they will stay blue. If a moderate amount is secreted, they will turn green or hazel, and a large amount will lead to brown eyes. The amount of melanin secreted is linked to genetics, so a baby’s eye color is determined by his or her parents’ eye colors. Babies’ eye colors will usually change most in their first six months, but it may continue to change subtly over their first three years. A small percentage of people, less than 10%, may experience eye color change throughout life.

Evelyn’s dad has blue eyes and I have brown so it would seem she has about a 50/50 chance of keeping her baby blues. Here’s hoping!

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