Why won’t my eyes stop watering?

dry eyesOur tears function to lubricate, protect and keep our eyes comfortable. There are a number of reasons for our eyes to create what seems to be too many tears causing our eyes to water.

  1. Dry Eye Syndrome (DES) yes, dry eyes can water! This is often a reflex tear or a “thin” poor quality tear film.
  2. Allergies: itching burning watery eyes in response to environmental allergens (pet dander, pollens, dust, etc.).
  3. Irritants: dry air (increased evaporation), bright lights, computer eyes strain, wind, chopping onions, chemical vapors or fumes, cigarette smoke.
  4. Tear duct blockage, yes just like a sink drain, our eyes have drains. These can become clogged and not allow our tears to properly drain.
  5. Infection, bacterial or viral.
  6. And of course an emotional movie, but you already knew that ;-)

Treatments can be as simple as using a artificial lubricating tear drops to thicken the tear film and reduce the eyes reaction to the causative agent. Daily lid hygiene, warm compresses and gentle lid margin cleaning with Ocusoft foam, can improve the quality of our natural tear film. Treatments can also be more involved, requiring medical treatments such as Restasis for treating inflammation that reduces the eyes ability to create it’s own tears.


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