What does 20/20 really mean?

The expression ’20/20 vision’ is stating that a person is able to separate lines that are one minute of arc or 1.75 mm apart from a distance of 20 feet.  Therefore the person is able to read letters at 20 feet equal to what the ‘normal eye’ is able to see at 20 feet.  If an individual is found to have 20/40 vision that would mean at 20 feet the person is able to read what the ‘normal eye’ would see at 40 feet, thus having less then ‘normal vision’.  Someone who has 20/15 vision is able to see at 20 feet what the ‘normal eye’ can only see from 15 feet away, therefore having better then ‘normal vision’.  These measurements of  visual acuity are normally found by having an individual read letters from an eye chart that have been spaced out according to the distance of the testing room.

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