Top Ten Reasons NOT to Wear Prescription Sunglasses

The Doctors and Staff of Rinkov Eyecare Centers firmly believe that sunglasses are necessary for nearly every patient we see. The sun’s rays are extremely harsh on the eyes and can lead to terrible vision and health related-issues down the road. Plus sunglasses are cool and look good!

Even though we feel very strongly about sunwear, we often hear objections from our patients. Some are, on the surface, valid. Whereas some are a bit humorous. Below are the top 10 reasons we hear from patients why they should not get sunglasses, followed by our reasoning why every patient is better off making an investment in quality sunwear. Almost without exception, our patients are thrilled with their prescription sunglasses and are actually aggravated they waited so long!  Our hope is that you won’t wait too much longer either.

1.  Sunglasses are too expensive! 

Did you know that sunglasses reduce or delay a number of eye diseases? It is true! Cataracts, macular degeneration, corneal disease, and lid lesions are all reduced greatly or delayed by simply wearing a quality pair of sunglasses. A pair of good sunglasses are MUCH less expensive than medical intervention to save your sight!

2.  I’m not light sensitive.

Patients will tell us that the bright sun does not bother them… BUT, it does bother your retinas!  Everyone’s retinas are incredibly sensitive to light. If you are diabetic, hypertensive, have lighter eyes and/or are taking any number of medications, this also increases the sensitivity of your retinas. Ask any Dermatologist whether UV rays are harmful for your skin and they will tell you that over a lifetime, UV exposure greatly increases your risk for denatured skin and cancers. Your eyes are no different and can be easily protected with quality sunglasses. And unlike putting zinc on your nose, you will look good too!

3.  I’m never outside :)

Really? I mean… really? You never walk outside? Never drive in a car? Never?  Try a pair of quality prescription sunglasses while driving and you will be amazed at what you have been missing!

4. I wear Transitions or other self-tinting lenses.

Transitions are a great product. Our patients love them. But ask any transitions wearer if they prefer Transitions over a pair of sunglasses and nearly all of them prefer the sunglasses. Transitions and other self-tinting lenses cannot match the performance that a quality pair of sunglasses provides. Sunglasses provide superior UV protection, are darker, come in a variety of tints, are polarized and typically have a larger frame (which provides protection to the sensitive skin around your eyes).

We think of Transitions and other self-tinting lenses as a convenient comfort filter for on the run occasions. They are better than nothing, but are not a substitute for sunglasses.

5. I wear a clip or a shield over my glasses.

As doctors and vision professionals, we want you to have the best vision possible. Looking through multiple surfaces simply is not as good as looking through one. In fact, light through multiple optical surfaces is degraded, causing your vision to suffer. And let’s face it, a good looking pair of sunglasses looks so much better than one of those bulky shields or a imperfect clip that is all bent out of shape!

6. I’ll lose them!

Generally, people do not lose what we value. And trust us, once you put on a pair of quality prescription sunglasses, you will value them!

7. My insurance won’t cover prescription sunglasses.

Actually, most vision plans have benefits for prescription sunglasses. If not, we always offer a discount on a second pair!

8. They give me headaches.

Our Eye Doctors have found that most of the time the sunglasses are not the real reason for your headaches. You should visit your eyecare provider to find the real root of your headache. It could be the poor optics from over-the-counter or cheap sunglasses. It could also be that you suffer from dry eyes or even cataracts. There is also the possibility that the prescription is wrong or the lenses are too different from your regular glasses. All these factors are taken into account with our patients, which is why they love their prescription sunglasses so much!

9. They’ll make my eyes dependent.

There is no physiological dependence developed. You will, however, enjoy the benefits of clear vision, less glare, no squinting, and eye protection. Plus, you will look great!

10. I wear contacts

Ok, so you do not require prescription sunglasses over your contact lenses. However, if you are like the majority of our patients, you are seeking the best visual performance out of you contact lenses. If that is the case, then what is the logic in putting a cheap pair of drugstore sunglasses on top of your perfectly fitted contact lenses? Plus the optics on these cheap sunglasses are terrible!  Trust us… there is a HUGE noticeable visual difference with a quality pair of ophthalmic sunglasses compared to a sunglasses picked off the rack at a drugstore or in line at the checkout counter elsewhere.

We hope that this article has persuaded you non-believers to give prescription sunglasses a try. We know you will love them. If you would like to learn more, feel free to call one of our offices or check out our website (

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