Tint Matters


The tint of your sunglasses may seem like just a fashion preference, but did you know the tint you choose can also cater to your visual needs? The lens tint color you choose can determine how much visible light reaches your eyes.  Some tint colors improve contrast and color, while other tints may reduce both.  Quality prescription sun wear also protects your eyes from 99-100% of harmful ultraviolet radiation (UV-A and UV-B).

Generally, a gray or smoke lens tint is the most popular.  This shade reduces glare and does not distort colors. Gray is considered a general-purpose tint, and it best used when true color perception is most important. However, depending on your visual needs, other lens tints can offer benefits that are more specific.

Brown or amber tints provide contrast and minimize eyestrain.  These colors are ideal for high-glare sports like boating, skiing and snowboarding. For everyday use, brown or amber tints are excellent for driving.

For improved contrast in low-light conditions, a green tint is a good choice. This shade also reduces eyestrain in bright light, making it a popular multipurpose tint for daily wear.

Yellow and orange tints also provide excellent contrast in low-light conditions and are great to wear on overcast days. Additionally, this tint improves depth perception, making it an excellent choice for specialty lenses for sports like shooting.

You can enhance your lens tints by choosing polarized lenses. Polarization reduces reflected glare and protects your eyes from UV light, making it ideal for bright, sunny days. Check out Oakley’s guide to lens tints below before purchasing your next pair of sunglasses.


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