The truth about over-the-counter reading glasses

reading glasses

Around age forty, many people begin to have trouble seeing to read. Many people are tempted to try over-the-counter reading glasses. While these glasses may work for some people, they have their limitations. Over-the-counter reading glasses provide the exact same prescription in both lenses, which most people do not have. Also, they provide no correction for astigmatism, which is very common. Prescription reading glasses from your eye doctor are able to correct your prescription precisely. They can also give you multiple focal distances all in one pair. Therefore, you would be able to focus on your computer monitor and focus to read a book all with one pair of glasses. Over-the-counter reading glasses, on the other hand can only focus at one point, causing you to have to carry multiple pairs of glasses.

For proper reading glasses that fit your exact prescription, visit your eye doctor or schedule an appointment online.

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