Customization: Clubs and glasses

By Dr. Christopher Jordan

customized eye glasses

Soon my teenager will be custom fitted for golf clubs. His game is coming along nicely and off-the-shelf clubs now limit his performance. The clubs will be fitted for his height, lie angle, swing speed and flex. The weight of his driver will be fitted to the nearest five-gram increment. And there will be custom degrees of loft to maximize distance. Even the golf ball will be selected for blend of distance, feel and workability. All of this will be done to maximize performance.

Certainly off-the-shelf glasses, like golf clubs, can be serviceable. However, serviceable is far from maximum performance. Consider online glasses, for example. While Rx and PD are considered, A dimension, B dimension, ED, face form, geometric center, lens material, lens craftsmanship, pantoscopic tilt, and well-fit frames are left wanting.

Consider distance through near progressives at a typical desktop computer work station. These will likely require head tilting, head turning, and will generally have focusing issues and digital eye strain (see previous blogs on blue light). A computer progressive with blue blocking glare free yields the better performance.

Soon my son will be on to better golf shots and better scores through custom fit technology. And I will inherit his off-the-shelf clubs. But not for long! This cost-to-benefit analysis is a no-brainer. Our patients testify the same when they customize their glasses. Visit your eye care professional soon to inquire.

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*this advice is general in nature and does not constitute an exam. For specific advice, see your eye doctor or healthcare professional.*