BB guns and airsoft guns: A common cause of blindness

BB gun

Unfortunately there is a very common cause of blindness in children that could be easily prevented. Children report to emergency rooms quite frequently with BB gun injuries to their eyes. A BB will very easily destroy the eye and cause permanent blindness in that eye. This can be prevented  by parental supervision and by wearing protective shooting glasses made from impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses. Another common injury seen in resent times is eye injuries from airsoft guns. People are under the false impression that because airsoft pellets are made of plastic, they are safer. This is not true. The plastic projectile is travelling at such high velocity, that it can easily destroy an eye. Whether playing with a BB gun or an airsoft gun, a person should never point the gun at another person or animal. The shooter should select his or her target carefully, to avoid the projectile from ricocheting back at the shooter or toward others.

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