Ocular side effects of amiodarone

ocular side effects of amiodarone

Amiodarone is a systemic medication that is used to treat cardiac arrhythmias. It can have many side effects, but a common effect on the eye is a condition called vortex keratopathy. In vortex keratopathy, deposits are formed in the cornea that can commonly cause glare and irritation. This glare and irritation tends to increase with continued use. The best way to treat the keratopathy is to decrease the dosage, but this is not always an option. In those cases, the keratopathy can be treated with lubricants and glare protection, but this solution may not always work. Amiodarone may also lead to optic neuropathy, retinopathy and caratacts, as well as mask many other underlying eye disorders. It is important to maintain regular evaluations to monitor the progression of the keratopathy, as well as monitor for development of more serious complications.

If you are taking Amiodarone, be sure to schedule regular visits with your eye doctor to maintain optimal eye health.

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