National Sunglasses Day – June 27

Everything has its day and June 27 is National Sunglasses Day!

To celebrate we’ve tracked down some fun sunglasses facts for your enjoyment!

  1. Polar bears have built in sunglasses! They have a third eye that helps them filter UV light!
  2. Every 14 seconds in the United States someone loses, breaks or sits on a pair of sunglasses.
  3. Elton John is rumored to have more than 1,000 pairs of sunglasses – that’s a lot of eyewear!
  4. Ray Ban created the wayfarer and aviator styles in the 1950s – these are still the two most popular styles over 60 years later.
  5. Ray Ban originally created aviators for pilots to cut down on glare at high altitudes.
  6. Every 90 seconds someone buys a pair of sunglasses on ebay.
  7. The first pair of sunglasses was sold in 1929 by Foster Grants on the Atlantic City Boardwalk
  8. The most expensive pair of sunglasses to be sold in an online auction were non other than The King’s shades – Elvis Presley’s sunglasses, worn at the Madison Square Garden performance in 1972, sold on ebay for a whopping $250,000.
  9. In 1936, the first pair of polarized sunglasses was designed by Edwin H. Land who used his Polaroid filter to help him create lenses.
  10. Most importantly, sunglasses protect your eyes from harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun and reduce eyestrain in bright conditions.

What kind of sunglasses will you flaunt tomorrow?

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