Is something constantly rubbing your eye?


Many patients will report to the eye doctor’s office that they feel as though something is in their eye. While there may be something actually in their eye, other things can cause the feeling. One of the most common causes is dry eye. However, something that can occasionally cause this foreign body sensation is a condition known as trichiasis. Trichiasis is a condition where the eyelashes grow inward toward the eye instead of outward. This causes the lashes to continually rub against the cornea, severely irritating the eye. The remedy for trichiasis is for your eye doctor to pull the lashes with tweezers to stop the irritation. Unfortunately, this often has to be repeatedly done on a regular basis as the lashes grow back.

If your eyes are irritated or you continually feel like there’s something in your eye, contact Rinkov Eyecare Centers, and we can help you figure out what’s happening!

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*this advice is general in nature and does not constitute an exam. For specific advice, see your eye doctor or healthcare professional.*

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