How long will LASIK vision correction last?

Lasik should ideally provide a permanent vision correction.  Once the cornea is modified it should never revert back to its original shape and should only change slightly as a person ages.  While the cornea should remain stable, there are other parts of our eyes that will continue to change as we age.  The most significant vision change people notice after Lasik is due to the lens changes that occur around the age of 40.  The lens of our eyes slowly stops being able to accommodate, or focus, as we age. This causes near vision to become blurred and brings on the need for reading glasses. This process happens to all of us whether we have had Lasik or not.  So  while a patient’s distance vision should remain clear permanently, even post-Lasik patients will  eventually need glasses again for  reading and near work.  It is importance after any corrective vision surgery to continue to have yearly eye exams.  Your doctor will be able to monitor the health of your eyes and prescribe the proper reading correction when the time comes.


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*this advice is general in nature and does not constitute an exam. For specific advice, see your eye doctor.

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