Many people come into the eye doctor’s office with questions regarding laser eye surgery. LASIK surgery is a good alternative to glasses and contact lenses, however, it does have some potential negatives. Afterward, many people suffer from glare and haloes, especially at night. New or worsening dry eye can be a side effect as well. These often dissipate after six months, but not always.There is no guarantee that your end result will be perfect 20/20 vision. While 20/20 vision is the goal, everybody heals differently and a mild prescription may still be needed to see your very best. Also, after the age of forty, everyone starts to need reading glasses or a bifocal for near tasks. This will still be true even after LASIK, so you won’t be out of glasses completely forever. As long as LASIK surgery is approached with the right expectations, it can be a very rewarding method of vision correction.

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