Can a glasses prescription be used to get contact lenses?

vision wearOur patients sometimes ask us if a they can use their glasses prescription to purchase contact lenses. The short answer is no and if you see an eyecare professional that is using a glasses prescription for contact lenses, we strongly recommend that you RUN as fast as you can out of that office. A competent eyecare professional understands that taking shortcut can result in permanent vision loss for his/her patient. That said, there are several reasons why a glasses prescription cannot be used for contact lenses.

First, the strength of glasses and contact lenses are often different. This is because contact lenses sit closer to the eye and therefore don’t have to be as strong in near-sighted patients, and must be stronger in far-sighted patients. Also any amount of astigmatism is corrected in glasses, whereas astigmatism is only corrected precisely once it reaches a certain level in contact lenses, otherwise the near-sighted or far-sighted power is adjusted to account for this small amount of astigmatism.

Second, and most importantly, is that contact lenses must be matched to the measurements of the cornea that were obtained in the contact lens fitting. On a contact lens prescription the curvature and diameter of the contact lens are specified. The precise brand and material of contact lens must also be specified on the contact lens prescription. This is because all brands of contact lenses will fit, feel, and behave differently on the eye.

Most of our patients are unaware that contact lenses are a regulated medical device. Make you have a reputable eyecare professional perform a contact lens evaluation and fit. This process should take at least 2 visits to make sure that the contact lenses prescribed are right for your eye. Equally as important is to make sure you follow the doctors instructions as to how long you can wear the prescribed contact lenses and what type of solutions to use. Remember, your sense of sight is so important. Don’t risk damaging one of your most precious senses. See an professional and follow the instructions. Anyone is willing to sell you contact lenses without a proper contact lens prescription  is putting their profits ahead of your health.

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*this advice is general in nature and does not constitute an exam. For specific advice, see your eye doctor or healthcare professional.*


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