7 Tips for First-Time Bifocal Lens Wearers

Bifocal Lenses

Is it time for you to start wearing bifocal lenses? We understand they can take some getting used to, so we’ve compiled a list of tips that will help ease your transition to bifocal lenses:

  1. Understand what situations you want to use your glasses for and express this during your eye exam. There are many different types of bifocal lenses and knowing what you will use them for allows us to prescribe the best lens for you.
  2. Choosing the right frame can make all the difference. You want to make sure your frame allows enough room for you to comfortably look through the different focal points of the lens.
  3. Be sure your frames stay properly adjusted. If the lenses become misaligned with your eyes, your vision will vary greatly.
  4. Always point your nose toward what you want to focus on. Looking out of the side of your lens will often cause distortion.
  5. Keep your lenses clean and scratch free. Imperfections in the lens can cause significant blur.
  6. Realize that using a bifocal will be different than a single vision lens. Your eyes and brain will need time to adapt.
  7. Stick with your new glasses. Switching between different prescriptions can cause your eyes to have a much harder time adapting.

If you have any questions about your bifocal lenses, call or visit your nearest Rinkov Eyecare Centers location, and our eye doctors or opticians will be more than happy to help!

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*this advice is general in nature and does not constitute an exam. For specific advice, see your eye doctor or healthcare professional.*

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