Progressive Lens Designs

There are many progressive lens designs on the market. Your optometrist and optician can recommend the best design for your lifestyle and wallet!

As we age the muscles in our eyes have a harder time focusing on objects up close.  By the time most of us are in our forties we become bothered enough with the inability to see upclose that we seek options to aid us in focusing from distance to near activities.  One good option is a progressive lens, which is also known as a no-line bifocal.  With a progressive lens the upper portion of the lens is designed to allow a person to see distance while it slowly changes to a more near prescription as you look down in the lens.  This is done in a seemless fashion.  The progressive lens doesn’t have a line in it, but it does change slowly through the different prescriptions with a channel in the center.  This channel has improved over the years and is now available in the new digital freeform progressives, that have much wider zones than previous progressive lenses.  It still however takes adjustment to learn to use the lens.  This can be aided by pointing your nose at what you are looking at and not using the periphery of the lens.  The adjustment period does pass for most people and the progressive lens works very well as a multipurpose pair of lenses.

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